What does it mean to create an ‘inspired’ design and why is it important –

In considering how a new home design becomes realized, the simple answer is through a creative process, a journey whose outcome is intrinsically tied to its outset. The final outcome can always be traced back to the energetic quality established at that outset. This points to the importance of beginning the process of designing a new home with a positive energy, an optimism and a sense of excitement and anticipation.

Inspiration means to “create a positive feeling, to give rise to creativity”, and to “breathe in”. In short, a positive result begins with breathing in, taking in my clients’ needs, wishes, desires and the physical context – coming to fully understand the purposes and reasons that they are wishing to design and build a new home for themselves.

In many cases, besides the normal complement of room types, these purposes include creating a healthy, light-filled and supportive home that is well integrated into its site, one that considers its use of sustainable and environmentally considerate materials and systems, and that encourages relationship with the outdoors. A home that nurtures and belongs where it is.

With this purpose in focus and when positivity and possibility are engaged and honored throughout the process, the end product will naturally embody and express those qualities. Further, when the builders and artisans have positive intention, ‘get the inspiration’ and purpose inherent in the design, the building itself can create a positive feeling. This positive feeling becomes intrinsic and has a profound daily impact on the home’s inhabitants. When we have the intention to influence in a healthy, positive way and to create a quality result, wonderful outcomes become realized.

-Keith Baker