Welcome to the New KB Design Website!

Welcome to our modern touch optimized retina enabled responsive website… Ya when our web designer told us that we looked at him funny too…

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Design Inspiration

What does it mean to create an ‘inspired’ design and why is it important – In considering how a new home design becomes realized, the simple answer is through a creative process, a journey whose outcome is intrinsically tied to its outset. The final outcome can always be traced back to the energetic quality established […]

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2012 CARE Awards – Best Design Concept

The 2012 CARE Awards were held on September 14th at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, and KB Design was up for 11 Gold awards, being a Silver finalist in 9 categories. Although we didn’t come away with Gold in all our categories, we were extremely pleased to have won Gold for Best Home Design Concept! […]

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